Sponsorship is a powerful marketing tool that can create a meaningful connection between your brand and TV viewers. It can offer effective cut-through and targeted communication to specific audiences. A relevant brand that associates itself cleverly with a TV show that viewers love is more likely to be loved itself!

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Sponsorship Opportunities 


This Morning 

This Morning - Now Available for Sponsorship


Viewers' favourite This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield is available to sponsor from the 1st of January 2022. 

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am-12:30pm on Virgin Media One.

  • The show reaches on average 369k individuals on a weekly basis
  • It is the No.1 viewed programme in its slot for Adults 15+, Adults 15-34, Adults 25-44, Hskprs w/kids, Adults ABC1 and Women 15+
  • Averaged a 22% share for Hskprs w/kids and a 24% share for Adults ABC1 and Women 15+
  • This Morning profiles 65% better for Hskprs w/kids versus TV norms
  • 68k streams on catch up Virgin Media Player across the full year of 2020


The sponsorship package includes;

  • 2 x 10” stings top and tail of each show
  • 2 x 5” stings at either side of the centre breaks
  • 10” preroll ahead of live stream and catch up on the VM Player
  • 5” sting on all promos over 30” in length
  • A logo on all promos under 30” in length


For more information contact - clientsolutions@virginmedia.ie or your agency rep. 


Sport's Updates 

Take ownership of Sports Updates on Virgin Media Television with a 5’’ sting top and tail of each broadcast. This sponsorship will give visibility to a brand across 7 days each week.

Sports Updates air within Ireland AM Monday to Sunday, The 12.30 and 8 O'clock News Monday to Friday and The 5.30 News Monday to Sunday on Virgin Media One. 

For more information contact - clientsolutions@virginmedia.ie or your agency rep. 




Movie Sponsorship 

Become the official sponsor of all movies across VMTV.

Sponsorship package includes all movie airings on VM1, VM2 and VM3.

Your brand will receive a 10” sponsorship sting at the start & end of each movie as well as a 5” sponsorship sting around each centre break.

The sponsor will recieve a 5’’ sting on all promos over 30" in length and a logo placement on all promos less than 30’’ in length. 

For more information contact - clientsolutions@virginmedia.ie or your agency rep. 





What can an Sponsorship offer my brand?

Sponsorship on Virgin Media Television can be used to fulfil a variety of marketing objectives.

  • It enables a brand to become synonymous with chosen programming - from Ireland AM to Love Island to the Six Nations, therefore tapping into the audience loyalty to that programme
  • Sponsorship can be a cost effective introduction for brands to TV or even help launch a brand
  • Sponsorship can go beyond the programme itself. It can extend to Virgin Media Player, competitions, social campaigns, spot advertising, point of sale branding opportunities or even access to cast members/presenters of the show you’re sponsoring
  • Sponsorship can be used as a brand building exercise or to drive direct response

Can you explain the different types of sponsorship?

  • Programme Sponsorship is around a specific show; such as Love Island. It allows you to talk directly to fans of the show
  • A strand or genre sponsorship allows you to target specific content or programmes within the schedule for example, Ireland AM Cookery, or Irish Drama
  • Peak or daytime sponsorships deliver a consistent audience, and time of day. It helps build an association; for example with Lunchtime or Saturday Night Family Entertainment
  • An overall channel sponsorship (e.g. sponsors Virgin Media Two) gives access to a wider variety of programme ownership and mass reach of your campaign which can be very cost effective, depending on your marketing objectives

Do I need to supply sponsorship stings or idents?

Relevant sponsorship creative is essential to the success of the sponsorship. You can supply us with pre-existing sponsorship ad copy if you have it. Alternatively, our in-house production team, Red Hot Creative, can work with you to develop a concept you are happy with, and produce effective sponsorship materials for air.

Are there some general creative rules we should follow?

Sponsorship stings should utilise the existing relationship that the viewer has with their programme. If there is an obvious link between the sponsorship creative and the programme content, this performs better across all key measures.

Are there specific branding messages that can or cannot be included in sponsorship stings?

TV broadcasters are regulated by the BAI, who have outlined a set of guidelines specifically for commercial messages on TV.

Click here for the General Commercial Communications Code.

How do I find out more?

If you’d like to know more, you can contact us here.