Advertiser Funded Programming

AFP stands for Advertiser Funded Programming. This is when a programme is created with direct input from our clients. The involvement can vary from funding, an idea or access to specific talent or events.

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Advertiser Funded Programming is a powerful partnership that creates a deeper relationship with a programme.

The advertiser gets to engage with our audience through a programme rather than in traditional ad breaks or sponsorship.

  • AFP is an ideal platform to stand out from the crowd – whether your objective is awareness, consideration or reaching new audiences
  • Choosing an AFP project means you are more control. It's a programme that wouldn't exist without the advertiser partner
  • With AFP you don’t wait for suitable key sponsorship opportunities to arise. You can plan a timeline that suits you from production to broadcast
  • Being in from the start of production means more time to integrate your products or brand. As well as planning integrated marketing activities in advance for greater synchronicity
  • You can also negotiate from a wider menu of potential options for example; sponsorship, product placement, franchise creation, naming rights, product placement opportunities, and promotional appearances

Do I need to have an idea for a show myself?

Not always. We have a number of opportunities that might suit all ready and waiting for the right brand partnership. We can also create something bespoke to your brief or approach an international franchise on your behalf.

Is there a digital version of AFP?

AFP can be for linear broadcast on any of our channels, our Virgin Media Player, and our social channels. All forms of AFP benefit from our ability to driving viewers to discover the programme whether it’s live, on demand or your mobile.

Where does the funding go?

The advertisers’ funds go directly into production which leads to a degree of content ownership. Depending on the project the funding will be in full, or in part. A number of different parties may take on a percentage of the cost – Virgin Media Television, or even a non-competing brand. For example, a food brand and a technology/furniture brand might sit side by side in a food show. A separate budget can be set aside for any brand requirements (i.e. extra content filmed for social media) or activation (i.e. access to talent).

Is there a set process in place for AFP?

The AFP process will always depends on each individual production and the genre of the programme in question. We have a dedicated team member who specialises in AFP who will work with you throughout the project as part of the wider team.

Can any potential programme be aired as AFP?

Audiences don't distinguish between AFP and regular programming. Therefore the AFP needs to sit naturally on our channel and the schedule.

Are there any restrictions?

AFPs are subject to the same BAI broadcasting code rules as conventional sponsored programmes and Product Placement. The funder must not influence programming content or scheduling in such a way as to affect the editorial independence or responsibility of the broadcaster and the commercial relationship must be transparent.

How do I find out more?

If you’d like to know more, you can contact us here.

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