Advertiser Funded Programming

AFP is short for Advertiser Funded Programming. This is when a programme is created with direct input from a brand. The involvement can vary from financing, developing the creative idea or access to specific talent or events that the brand has a pre-existing relationship with.

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What is AFC?

Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP), or Branded Content, provides the opportunity for brands to participate in the phenomenon that a successful TV show can be on air, off air and online.

Advertisers are buying into the editorial integrity of the programme and reaching consumers by association with the programme's values.

AFP can do all the things TV sponsorship can do for a brand but also brings a number of significant benefits from having a deeper relationship with programming and with broadcasters and producers, from product placement opportunities to enhanced marketing synergies and even franchise/event creation.

Why get involved in AFP?

A competitive edge: great programmes that can be sponsored are in demand. Branded content can help you avoid a bidding war for a diminishing bowl of programming cherries.

You can exclude your competitors by owning the commercial relationship from the start.

Synchronicity: arrange TV content-led marketing at a time that suits your marketing cycle when there is no suitable TV content available "off the shelf".

Maximum value: longer lead times mean more time to better plan and budget for an integrated campaign.

Significant activation opportunities off air e.g., in store activation/POS, events, access to talent etc.

Deeper brand experience: a 30- or 60-minute brand experience; all of the content shapes consumers' attitude and image of the brand.

Additional exclusive content.

The Power of AFP

  • AFP provides the opportunity for brands to be a part of a successful TV show which includes On Air, Off Air and Online.

  • Brands are buying into the editorial integrity of the programme and reaching consumers by association with the programme's values and endorsements.

  • AFP allows a brand to be seen by the viewer in its natural environment.

  • AFP allows for joined up thinking between the retailer and the show.

  • In-Store special offers can echo the content of the show each week.

  • Product placement can be included in s part of the AFP package

Do I need to have an idea for a show myself?

Not always. We have a number of opportunities that might suit all ready and waiting for the right brand partnership. We can also create something bespoke to your brief or approach an international franchise on your behalf.


Is there a digital version of AFP?

AFP can be for linear broadcast on any of our channels, our Virgin Media Player, and our social channels. All AFP benefits from our immense ability to cross platform across Virgin Media Television platforms driving viewers to discover the programme whether it’s live, on demand or your mobile.

Brands we have worked with:
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