Promotions are used to drive awareness and enhance the reputation of your brand through competitions within keys shows such as Ireland AM, The Six O’Clock right through to The Six Nations, UEFA Champions League and more.

Promotions guarantee engagement, interaction and impact.

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What can Promotions offer my brand?

Promotions in its simplest form is a competition. Brands can engage viewers and followers in a very natural, genuine way by giving our viewers their own chance to win.

  • Competitions are available both on air and online
  • This can take the form of a simple live read or as a weeklong competition in one of our daily shows
  • On a bigger scale, Multi-Platform promotions air across all Virgin Media Television channels which reach a huge audience
  • Sponsors can link a competition around the launch of their sponsorship or to celebrate key milestones in the campaign

Can I have my competition in any show?

We currently have a menu of options for Ireland AM, Elaine, and The Six O’Clock where the competition sits within the show. You target any show with a bespoke offering and the competition will sit around the broadcast, for example Coronation Street or Six Nations.

Do I need assets?

We create the competitions within a set format unless it’s a bespoke offering. All the details of the assets you need to provide are in our Rate Card below. However, if you have no assets it’s not a barrier to going on air. For an additional fee we will either source stock footage or can film content bespoke for your brand.

Are there regulations I need to follow?

Yes. All competitions on social media must adhere to the ASAI Code which you can read here.

All broadcast promotions are regulated by the BAI.

Click here for the General Commercial Communications Code.

How do I find out more?

If you’d like to know more, you can contact us here.