Promotions are used to drive awareness and enhance the reputation of your brand through competitions within keys shows such as Ireland AM, The Six O’Clock right through to The Six Nations, UEFA Champions League and more.

Promotions guarantee engagement, interaction and impact.

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Promotions are another name for branded viewer competitions. Brands can engage viewers and followers in a very natural and genuine way by giving our viewers their own chance to win.  

  • Competitions are available both on air and online
  • This can take the form of a simple live read or as a weeklong competition in one of our daily shows
  • On a bigger scale, Multi-Platform promotions air across all Virgin Media Television channels which reach a huge audience
  • Sponsors can link a competition around the launch of their sponsorship or to celebrate key milestones in the campaign

Can I run a competition in any show?

We have a menu of year-round “off the shelf” options for Ireland AM, Elaine and The Six O’Clock where the competition sits within the show. You can also run competitions at peak sports times throughout the year such as in Six Nations or UEFA Champions League. We can also create bespoke opportunities that can run in the ad breaks of any of your favourite Virgin Media Television shows.

How do I find out more?

If you’d like to know more, you can contact us here.

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