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Five Arrested In Drogheda

Monday, 12th Nov 5.30pm
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Californian Wildfires

Monday, 12th Nov 12.30pm

Ireland's Got Talent

Saturday, 10th Nov 6.00pm
Ireland AM

Soaps preview

Monday, 12th Nov 10.10am
Ireland AM

Party season part one

Monday, 12th Nov 9.50am

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Monday, 12th Nov 11.05pm

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The Tonight Show

Matt Cooper and Ivan Yates offer their unique take on the big stories of the day with a panel of guests. There is also a panel discussion covering the key issues... 65mins

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Coronation Street

Abi decides that the twins are better off without her. Claudia surprises Audrey at the Stylists' Awards. Amy forces Steve and Tracy to abide by the contract 30mins

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A Mother's Son

David has found out that Jamie has been hanging around with a violent dropout called Sean. Could Jamie have fallen under his influence and been forced to cover up... 60mins