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Experience catch-up TV like you've always wanted; easy access to your favourite shows, get personal recommendations of what to watch next and download the episodes you want to save for later.

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Catch up on any of the shows on Virgin Media Player anywhere and at any time by downloading an episode to watch later.


Make the most of Virgin Media Player with personalised recommendations, get regular updates from your favourite shows and access to exclusive competitions and newsletters.

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Take up where you left off across your iOS or Android devices, making sure you never miss a moment.

Your Virgin Media Player data

Your Virgin Media Player data

Watching TV has changed a lot over the last few years - VODs, EPGs and XYZs (ok, we made that last one up) - You're now able to watch TV wherever you happen to be with an internet connection.

When you watch something on Virgin Media Player, we're able to use that data to highlight if something isn't working right, or make upgrades to our system that make the app better to use in the future. We can also use this data to make recommendations of new shows to watch, based on what you've previously seen and 'favourited'.

As well as that, we work with advertisers to make sure the ads you see on Virgin Media Player are as relevant to you as possible. We ask that you provide your email address, age, gender, county, content preferences, and optionally your Eircode as this allows us to tailor the ads that you see within your favourite shows. Virgin Media Television doesn't receive any television license revenue and relies on advertiser funding to continue providing top-quality entertainment shows for Irish viewers.

You always retain control over your data within Virgin Media Player and can edit or delete your details at any time. You can manage your advertising choices by visiting our Preferences Centre. You need to be 16 or over to register for Virgin Media Player. If you are younger than 16, you will not be permitted to register.

We believe that we can create a great viewer experience on all of our platforms and your help is an essential part of that. If you have any concerns about Virgin Media Player, get in touch at

For further information, please see our Privacy Policy.