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Prime Suspect USA

12.00am - 1.00am


1.00am - 2.05am

Don't Look Back in Anger

2.05am - 2.35am [S]

Don't Look Back in Anger

2.35am - 3.05am [S]

Off Air

3.05am - 4.35am

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

4.35am - 5.25am

The Tonight Show

5.25am - 6.15am [S]

The Six O'Clock Show

6.15am - 7.00am [S]

Ireland AM

7.00am - 10.00am [S]

This Morning

10.00am - 12.30pm

News at 12.30

12.30pm - 1.00pm [S]

The Chase

1.00pm - 2.00pm [S]

The Chase

2.00pm - 3.00pm [S]

Loose Women

3.00pm - 4.00pm

Gino's Coastal Odyssey

4.00pm - 4.30pm [S]

Judge Judy

4.30pm - 5.00pm

Judge Judy

5.00pm - 5.30pm

News at 5.30

5.30pm - 6.05pm [S]

The Six O'Clock Show

6.05pm - 7.00pm [S]

News at 7

7.00pm - 7.30pm


7.30pm - 8.30pm [S]

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

8.30pm - 9.00pm

Trigger Point

9.00pm - 10.00pm [S]

The Tonight Show

10.00pm - 11.00pm [S]


11.00pm - 12.05am [S]

Coronation Street

12.00am - 1.00am [S]


1.00am - 1.30am [S]

#RichKids of Beverly Hills

1.30am - 2.00am [S]

Olivia Meets Her Match

2.00am - 3.00am

Born to Kill

3.00am - 3.45am

Schitt's Creek

3.45am - 4.10am


4.10am - 4.30am

Off Air

4.30am - 6.30am

Judge Rinder

6.30am - 7.30am

The Chase Australia

7.30am - 8.30am

The Chase

8.30am - 9.30am [S]

Tipping Point

9.30am - 10.30am [S]

May the Best House Win

10.30am - 11.30am [S]

The Chase

11.30am - 12.30pm [S]

Gift Wrapped

12.30pm - 1.30pm [S]

The Six O'Clock Show

1.30pm - 2.30pm [S]


2.30pm - 3.00pm [S]

John and Lisa's Weekend Kitchen

3.00pm - 4.00pm [S]

Tipping Point

4.00pm - 5.00pm [S]

Britain's Brightest Family

5.00pm - 5.30pm [S]

Live: Omonoia Nicosia v Manchester United

5.30pm - 7.40pm

Live: Arsenal v Bodo/Glimt

7.40pm - 11.00pm

The Group Chat

11.00pm - 12.00am

Red Rock

11.20pm - 12.20am [S]


12.20am - 1.25am [S]

The Syndicate

1.25am - 2.30am

This Morning

2.30am - 4.20am

Off Air

4.20am - 6.45am

The Chase Australia

6.45am - 7.40am

Inspector Morse

7.40am - 9.50am [S]

Loose Women

9.50am - 10.50am

River Monsters

10.50am - 11.50am

May the Best House Win

11.50am - 12.50pm [S]

The Instant Gardener

12.50pm - 1.50pm

Family Matters with Jo Frost

1.50pm - 2.50pm

The Instant Gardener

2.50pm - 3.55pm


3.55pm - 5.00pm [S]

Phillip Schofield's South African Adventure

5.00pm - 5.35pm

Live: Molde v Shamrock Rovers

5.35pm - 7.55pm


7.55pm - 9.00pm [S]

Prime Suspect

9.00pm - 11.15pm [S]


11.15pm - 12.25am [S]

The Deceived

11.30pm - 12.20am

Extreme E Highlights

12.20am - 1.10am

Off Air

1.10am - 1.10pm

UEFA Champions League Highlights

1.10pm - 2.00pm

Extreme E: Electric Odyssey

2.00pm - 2.30pm

Chelsea v AC Milan

2.30pm - 4.15pm

Classic UEFA Champions League

4.15pm - 4.45pm

Extreme E Highlights

4.45pm - 5.35pm

Live: Anderlecht v West Ham

5.35pm - 7.50pm

Live: Hearts v Fiorentina

7.50pm - 10.00pm

Hollington Drive

10.00pm - 10.50pm


10.50pm - 11.40pm

Love Island

11.40pm - 12.30am