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Vincent Browne Live From The George - 23rd May 2015

25 Years Of Virgin Media Television

Live from the George Vincent Browne and Glenda Gilson announced the results from the 2015 Marriage Referendum.

Wednesday, 20th Sep 1.05am

First News Broadcast - 20th September 1998

The very first News broadcast from 1998. 58mins

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2.30am

Speakeasy: Millennium Doomsday

Speakeasy was a daytime show, that broadcast in Ireland from 1998 till 1999. 23mins

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2.25am

Elaine - January 2017

Elaine Crowley presents the show that features in-depth interviews with high-profile guests, live interviews on location from around Ireland and a topical... 44mins

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2.20am

The Morning Show With Sybil & Martin - 11th May 2009

The very first episode of The Morning Show with Sybil & Martin! 34mins

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2.15am

Late Lunch Live - 30th September 2013

Martin King and Lucy Kennedy host the afternoon show brimming with topical stories and celebrity interviews. 48mins

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2.10am