Outside Broadcasts

Outside broadcasts are available across all of our home-produced shows – Ireland AM, The Six O’Clock Show, and Elaine. It's a unique opportunity for our shows to broadcast from a brand’s location.

Don’t worry, no location is too far away.

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What can an Outside Broadcast offer me? 

An Outside Broadcast can be extremely impactful. It’s where we pack up part or an entire show to broadcast live from your location.

  • There is no off the shelf offering for an Outside Broadcast. We create each Outside Broadcast from scratch based on the brief from our client led by our production team
  • Depending on the brief we will scale up the broadcast for example we may need one camera or four cameras depending on the need

Will you do an Outside Broadcast anywhere?

We can travel to any part of the country or abroad – we like a challenge! Depending on the scale, we can broadcast live segments of the show or even take the whole show on the road and broadcast fully from your chosen location. Our team will do a technical check before any live broadcast but there are a number of pre-recorded options if there are any signal issues.

Does an Outside Broadcast have to be live?

Certain items will need to be live. For example, if you wanted to capture the atmosphere at an event such as the National Ploughing Championships, which we are live at every year. While at other events, for example a concert, we might pre-record to ensure we get the best performance.

How do I find out more?

If you’d like to know more, you can contact us here.