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Lightsaber Combat

Ireland AM

Adam and Emma from Ludosport Ireland, the country's premiere lightsaber combat academy join us!

Saturday, 4th May 11.40am


Plane Skincare

Ever thought of a pamper session thousands of miles in the air? Well it seems we should be. 9mins

Tuesday, 21st May 9.50am

Vintage Festival Gear

Owner of Spice Vintage Gracie Collier is here with all the vintage festival gear. 9mins

Tuesday, 21st May 9.35am

David Nicholls

Our next guest released an international besteller "One Day" in 2009 that then spawned one of the most successful TV Series on Netflix. 10mins

Tuesday, 21st May 9.20am

Deric at Ballan National School

Deric is enjoying a variety of creativity this morning in Carlow 7mins

Tuesday, 21st May 8.55am

Luscious Lasagna

Joining us now to mark the return of Garfield and prepare a Luscious Lasagna is Gina Daly 8mins

Tuesday, 21st May 8.40am