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9. Key West Revisit

The Hotel Inspector

Ruth Watson revisits Brian and Gill Scott, owners of the Key West Hotel in Newquay. Have they taken on board any of the advice she gave them a year earlier?

Thursday, 11th Apr 9.05am

1. The Grand Hotel

Ruth Watson's bid to reform failing hotels takes her to the Grand Hotel in Hastings, where owner Peter Mann is opposed to her ideas before he has even met... 45mins

Monday, 1st Apr 8.55am

2. The Beech House Hotel

Ruth Watson tries to revive failing hotels. Michael Bissell turned a residential home in Reading into a plush hotel. So why are the guests not arriving? 45mins

Tuesday, 2nd Apr 8.50am

3. The Safari Hotel

When faced with a pair of hotel owners on the brink of bankruptcy, Ruth suggests adding an all-day café to increase revenue in their struggling... 45mins

Wednesday, 3rd Apr 8.55am

4. Butley Prior Manor

Ruth Watson revives failing hotels. Frances Cavendish has leased Butley Priory since the 1970s and has run it as a B&B since her divorce, but without success. 45mins

Thursday, 4th Apr 8.50am

5. Weyanoke Hotel

Ruth travels to the Eastbourne seafront in order to try and help out a couple of hotel owners who wish to attract a different quality of clientele 45mins

Friday, 5th Apr 8.50am