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Episode 8

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A young woman is shocked when a possible employer offers her more money if she will cut off her hair and Holmes offers her assistance if she needs it.

Saturday, 18th May 4.10pm

Episode 13

Holmes follows his arch-enemy Moriarty to Switzerland, where they are destined for a final encounter at the Reichenbach Falls. 51mins

Saturday, 1st Jun 3.00pm

Episode 12

What seems to be a harmless prank played on a man with red hair is revealed to be much more - an ingenious scheme planned by the sinister Professor Moriarty. 51mins

Saturday, 25th May 4.00pm

Episode 11

Another outing for the cerebral sleuth. A doctor's concern about one of his benefactors turns out to be well-founded after the man is found dead. 51mins

Saturday, 25th May 3.00pm

Episode 10

A young solicitor learns that he is a wealthy man's beneficiary and the prime suspect in a murder case when a corpse is found in the ashes of the man's home 52mins

Sunday, 19th May 3.35pm

Episode 9

Holmes works with his brother to solve a case of kidnapping when a Greek man claims to have been forced to consent to his sister's wedding to one of the men. 50mins

Sunday, 19th May 2.30pm