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Episode 1

Dark Heart

A brilliant detective pursues his career vigorously, but a new string of vicious attacks on never-convicted paedophiles offers a rare challenge.

Friday, 12th Apr 12.00am

Episode 6

Staffe is unsure of the truth when a prime suspect in the Suzy Moyland case is discovered dead and the team uncovers details of Suzy's emotional state. 46mins

Friday, 17th May 12.00am

Episode 5

The team must determine if a woman was murdered by her recent stalker or someone else in her life, but as Will zeroes in on the truth, his own life spins out... 46mins

Friday, 10th May 12.30am

Episode 4

The team realises those responsible for the poisonings have powerful influence; Wagstaffe searches for links between Sofie Cerna and Nick Kyriacou. 46mins

Friday, 3rd May 12.00am

Episode 3

In an investigation of a dead nurse, CCTV shows the victim running from an invisible attacker while DNA is linked to a missing teen presumed dead for years. 46mins

Friday, 26th Apr 12.00am

Episode 2

Wagstaffe is frustrated by the victims' family's reluctance to help the investigation proceed as a web of deceit comes unraveled and leads the DI to come to... 48mins

Friday, 19th Apr 12.00am