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Virgin Media Television are only inviting submissions from Producers and Production Companies at this time. If you have a general query please contact .

Please ensure you have read the latest Commissioning Updates, Producer Guidelines and Commissioning Guidelines before submitting a proposal.


  • All submissions MUST have a one or two page pitch attached.
  • Suggest a slot - time and day of the week (or more than one)
  • Why should this programme be made? Is there a hook for the audience - national crisis, anniversary, special event, current trend etc.?
  • What is it about - what is the overall theme? Are you addressing something in life, society, or providing escapist fun?
  • Give us a frame of reference for your idea - compare it to shows you've seen and been inspired by. This also points towards tone and scale of ambition.
  • Think about the title - Does it grab the attention, will it compel people to tune in? Does it tell us what the programme is, about style or content?
  • Submissions must have a logline - what is this programme in two or three sentences? You need an attention-grabbing summary.
  • Include names of any talent (in front of, and behind the camera) attached to the project and be clear about whether these names are suggestions or people who are already involved or committed.

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