BAI Call Out for programming that supports the live music sector

BAI Call Out for programming that supports the live music sector

As part of our call out for submissions for Round 38 of the BAI Sound & Vision Fund, Virgin Media Television is looking for programming that supports the live music sector.

Virgin Media Television is interested in programmes with a broad appeal that present innovative and creative opportunities to engage a wider audience across platforms.

For those submitting ideas, a track record in music and entertainment programming is essential.

Please see BAI guidelines for this section of Round 38 below:

In response to the additional funding of €1.4m secured by the Department for Tourism, Culture, Arts Gaeltacht, Sport and Media for 2021 for broadcast programming that supports the live music sector, the BAI is calling for submissions in support of high-quality programmes relating to Irish culture, heritage and experience that help address challenges currently faced by the live music sector in Ireland. For this funding, the BAI is putting a particular focus on projects across all formats, genres and eligible broadcasters that can demonstrate they will assist in providing a platform for music industry professionals that predominately work in the live music sector. Submissions that can provide opportunities for these individuals and groups to share their work with audiences are welcomed.

It is hoped that this initiative will provide good opportunities for musicians and music industry professionals to connect with audiences in the absence of opportunities for live performance and to share insights into how the live music industry, and those working within it, have adapted and coped in the wake of a global pandemic.

Sound & Vision 4 is a broadcast funding support scheme and all applications submitted for this Live Music Sector initiative must adhere to this requirement of the scheme. In this regard, funding is available for broadcast content on Irish eligible broadcasters across radio and television, which serve Irish audiences. In order to assist potential applicants, cognisant that this initiative is new, some examples of potential eligible applications are set out below.

Please note, that this list is for indicative purposes only and does not purport to be exhaustive and/or predetermine the eligibility of an actual application submitted to the round.

Examples of eligible applications which would potentially fulfil the objectives of this particular round, namely to help address challenges being faced by the live music sector, as well as fulfilling the overall objectives of the BAI and the Sound & Vision 4 broadcast funding scheme include:

1) A programme of live music performance/s by musician/s or band/s, which also features interviews and conversations with the artist/s.

2) Bringing artists from around the country together to a central venue or venues, for a themed concert.

3) A collaborative broadcast featuring performances in a variety of well-known, intimate venues around the country.

4) A broadcast of a ‘virtual’ version of an existing festival.

5) A documentary style look at the contemporary live music sector in Ireland and how it has been affected by the Covid pandemic.

6) A specially commissioned performance to be broadcast as part of virtual celebration of Irish culture.

Virgin Media Television submissions must meet the criteria as set out in the Virgin Media Television Commissioning Guidelines.

All applications should be submitted through the Commissioning Portal.

PLEASE NOTE: Deadline for submissions regarding Round 38 of the BAI Sound & Vision Fund: Programming that Supports the Live Music Sector for Virgin Media Television is Monday 8th Feb 2021.

Note to Producers:

Eligible Submissions: Virgin Media Television is currently inviting submissions from Producers or Production Companies only at this time.

If you are not a producer or submitting through a production company, and have a general query, feel free to contact

Re-submissions: Producers or production companies that have recently submitted ideas to the portal are invited to review the call out document and new guidelines, and revise their ideas based on this.

In addition to new ideas, producers and production companies are welcome to revise their previous submissions if they feel they may be applicable to our call out.

In this instance we would ask that these re-submissions be clearly labelled as ‘re-submission - revised for call out'.

For more information about submissions visit the Commissioning section of the Virgin Media Television website.

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