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Fashion Part 2

Ireland AM

Stylist Michele McGrath rejoins us now with three more looks to have you working out in comfort and style!

Tuesday, 19th Mar 10.20am


National Treatment Purchase Fund

Consumer expert, Sinead Ryan, joins us now to explain the National Treatment  Purchase Fund.  7mins

Tuesday, 19th Mar 10.10am

Fashion Part 1

Stylist Michele McGrath joins us now with some active wear that'll keep you stylish as you work out. 6mins

Tuesday, 19th Mar 9.50am

Giving Birth At Home

Lisa Guthrie, her husband Bernard and midwife Laura Carr tell us more about giving birth at home 11mins

Tuesday, 19th Mar 9.30am

The Doctor Who Sat for a Year

Prof Brendan Kelly joins us to talk about his new book 'The Doctor Who Sat for a Year'   10mins

Tuesday, 19th Mar 9.15am

Braised Chicken Thighs in Chunky Vegetable Sauce

Edward Hayden is in the kitchen with the perfect dish for this evening. 9mins

Tuesday, 19th Mar 8.50am