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Fashion Part 2

Ireland AM

Stylist Sonja Mohlich shares her top tips for incorporating it into your wardrobe this spring.

Wednesday, 19th Feb 10.50am


How To Keep Yous Children's Toys Clean

Claire Thompson aka The Newborn Nanny shows us how to keep bacteria at bay when it comes to our children's toys 10mins

Wednesday, 19th Feb 10.35am

Leah McCourt

Leah McCourt will become the first female MMA fighter to headline a Bellator fight in Europe on Saturday 9mins

Wednesday, 19th Feb 10.20am

Fashion Part 1

Stylist Sonja Mohlich shows us some smart casual looks 7mins

Wednesday, 19th Feb 9.35am

Dr. Mary O'Kane Q&A

Following our discussion on how children, parents and schools can take a stand against bullying, Dr. Mary O'Kane joins us to answer all of your questions. 9mins

Wednesday, 19th Feb 9.15am

Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet

Our resident dietitian Louise Reynolds is here now to tell us all about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet 8mins

Wednesday, 19th Feb 8.50am