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Episode 3

Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs

Paul's heart breaks when he is introduced to a former breeding dog that suffers from extreme anxiety; an adored chihuahua is released from the clinic.

Wednesday, 22nd May 4.00pm

Episode 11

Paul O'Grady helps an American Bulldog prepare for a role on "Coronation Street"; a Jack Russell Terrier is adopted into a family that lives in luxury. 22mins

Sunday, 9th Jun 1.00pm

Episode 9

Paul tries his best to help three dogs who need training, including a crafty dalmatian who is an excellent escape artist and a dog who hates postal workers. 22mins

Thursday, 30th May 4.00pm

Episode 8

Paul falls for a puppy; a hyper dog must pass exams to be a lifesaver; a massive Malamute faces a challenge when it comes to finding the right home. ... 22mins

Wednesday, 29th May 4.00pm

Episode 7

Paul hopes an older dog will help train a nippy puppy; Paul takes a dog to its new forever home in Denmark; a neglected shih tzu needs a clean. 22mins

Tuesday, 28th May 4.00pm

Episode 5

The clinic staff is desperate to save a Tibetan terrier that suffers from a painful eye infection; Paul and a trio of puppies go to a local hospital to visit... 22mins

Friday, 24th May 4.00pm