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Episode 1

The Vanishing Triangle

When reporter Lisa Wallace writes an article on her mother's murder, the killer resurfaces hinting at a kidnapping.

Monday, 25th Mar 9.00pm

Episode 6

The investigation is halted. David confronts top GardaĆ­ officials to expose Gill and Gough with no support. Lisa and Brennan follow a lead to an abandoned... 43mins

Monday, 29th Apr 9.00pm

Episode 5

David and Brennan target Gough as the potential killer as Lisa tries to connect him to the kidnappings; Gill blackmails David to stop the investigation. 44mins

Monday, 22nd Apr 9.00pm

Episode 4

Lisa must choose to save either Susan or Mandy; Chris learns new information that leads Lisa to discover incriminating information; the killer contacts Lisa... 42mins

Monday, 15th Apr 9.00pm

Episode 3

David tries to get a statement from Teresa and a confession from Bulger, whilst Lisa investigates if Bulger could be the killer. 42mins

Monday, 8th Apr 9.00pm

Episode 2

Lisa's article is leaked, criticising the GardaĆ­ for not acting on Amy's disappearance. David and Detective Brennan chase a lead, Mark Bulger. 45mins

Monday, 1st Apr 9.00pm