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Episode 4

Building Giants

Engineering experts use innovative technology and construction methods to build the 550-foot Las Vegas High Roller, which is the world's tallest Ferris Wheel.

Sunday, 3rd Mar 6.00pm

Episode 8

Shipbuilders work through harsh winter winds in Norway to construct a ship designed to traverse frozen seas. 45mins

Monday, 1st Apr 10.55am

Episode 8

Canadian engineers face extreme weather and heights to build the world's tallest, fastest and longest "dive" roller coaster. 45mins

Sunday, 31st Mar 6.00pm

Episode 7

An inside look at the building of some of the world's most remarkable superstructures is provided, including an underwater sea wall, an NFL stadium and more. 45mins

Friday, 29th Mar 11.05am

Episode 6

In LA, a team of engineers utilizes innovative technology to fabricate a remarkable series of subway lines that boast robust, earthquake-proof tunnels. 45mins

Thursday, 28th Mar 11.10am

Episode 5

Insight into the building of an innovative new structure that appears to defy physics and float in mid-air is provided, including the technology used. 45mins

Wednesday, 27th Mar 11.15am