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Episode 6


Lane finds herself in charge of an investigation involving the death of two drug dealers. Meanwhile, serious attempts are made to discredit Wycliffe

Tuesday, 21st May 10.55am

Episode 1

Shattered from the brutal attempt on his life, Wycliffe reassesses his future. Lane and Kersey also have reason to think about what lies ahead. 51mins

Tuesday, 14th May 10.50am

Episode 2

Detective drama series. Wycliffe and the team are called in to investigate when a prostitute's client confesses to killing another working girl. 51mins

Wednesday, 15th May 10.50am

Episode 3

Detective drama series. A Cornish folk band and a local legend of the gateway to hell form the background to a story of obsessive love and betrayal. 51mins

Thursday, 16th May 10.45am

Episode 4

Jack Shepherd stars as the West Country detective. When a climber is killed in a fall, an informant claims he was pushed - and a re-enactment adds to the... 51mins

Friday, 17th May 10.45am

Episode 5

Detective drama series. Wycliffe investigates the killing of a policeman, the chief suspect being another officer who was having an affair with the dead... 51mins

Monday, 20th May 10.55am