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6. Dennis Rader: The Bind and Torture Killer

Born To Kill

The people of Wichita, Kansas, are shaken when Dennis Rader is identified as the infamous sexual sadist and serial killer known as the BTK Strangler.

Thursday, 25th Apr 12.25am

1. Beverley Allitt: The Angel of Death

A look at nurse Beverley Allitt, who became known as the 'Angel of Death,' for poisoning 13 children and killing four of them. 45mins

Tuesday, 16th Apr 12.25am

3. The Manson Family

Cult leader Charles Manson and his 'family' of followers collectively committed nine murders during a five-week period in 1969. 45mins

Thursday, 18th Apr 12.25am

2. Colin Ireland: The Gay Slayer

Former friends, police and an ex-wife discuss the life of Colin Ireland, a killer dubbed the "Gay Slayer". 46mins

Thursday, 18th Apr 11.10pm

4. The Hollywood Hillside Strangler

Real crime documentary. Cousins Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono killed ten young girls together across the US in the 1970s. 46mins

Tuesday, 23rd Apr 12.25am

5. Herbert Mullin: The Serial Killing Saviour

Documentary series. Was the serial killer Herbert William Mullin driven by nature... 45mins

Wednesday, 24th Apr 12.30am