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Episode 8

Hell's Kitchen USA

The chefs they choose ingredients by rolling dice with letters inscribed on them; the winners of the dice challenge choose chefs to compete for elimination. [Subtitles]

Friday, 22nd Mar 2.00am

Episode 16

Gordon Ramsay's gruelling chef challenge concludes. After the most important dinner service of their life, the winner and new head chef of Hell's Kitchen... 43mins

Thursday, 25th Apr 1.25am

Episode 15

Competitive cookery series. The chefs are treated to a visit from their families, but their trip to the Jubilee Theatre at Caesar's Palace soon turns into... 43mins

Friday, 19th Apr 12.15am

Episode 14

Competitive cookery series. The final four cook for clubgoers who have taken over Hell's Kitchen. Gordon is out to sabotage the chefs as they attempt to run... 43mins

Wednesday, 10th Apr 1.05am

Episode 13

Cookery competition. The remaining chefs celebrate making it to the final five. Cody and Mary Lou, who have a budding romance, decide to take their... 43mins

Friday, 5th Apr 1.15am

Episode 12

Chef competition. The chefs compete in three difficult challenges to prove they are worthy of a Black Jacket, which all comes down to Nikki and Amber... 43mins

Sunday, 31st Mar 2.20am