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Episode 6

Cleaning Up

Sam faces the disastrous consequences of her actions. Sam and Jess concoct a brilliant but dangerous idea of how to get their lives back on track

Wednesday, 17th Apr 11.25pm

Episode 1

Drama series. Sam is a struggling mum with a gambling addiction whose life is thrown into disarray when she gains access to lucrative and illegal stock... 46mins

Wednesday, 17th Apr 11.00pm

Episode 2

When Sam's listening device is found, the women's information source is cut off. Sam enlists the help of a fellow cleaner to try again in another office. 46mins

Wednesday, 17th Apr 11.05pm

Episode 3

While the investigation continues at the office, Sam and Jess are interrogated by the firm's compliance team. Jess admits to Sam that she has made a key... 46mins

Wednesday, 17th Apr 11.10pm

Episode 4

Terrified that her identity will be revealed, Sam navigates her way through the network meeting. Sam ropes in Jess and Mina to help with her biggest scam yet 46mins

Wednesday, 17th Apr 11.15pm

Episode 5

Sam and Swanny grow closer as she is seduced by his glamorous world, and he entrusts her to make a large investment for him. Dave notices changes in her... 46mins

Wednesday, 17th Apr 11.20pm