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17. 2014

Don't Look Back in Anger

A series which chronicles the news and events of the past 20 years, all set to music. This programme recalls 2014.

Thursday, 6th Jun 2.20am

26. 2023

Top moments in sports, entertainment and news over the past two decades are explored with musical accompaniment 24mins

Thursday, 6th Jun 2.50am

21. 2018

Hits and news headlines from 2018. 23mins

Thursday, 6th Jun 2.40am

20. 2017

A look back at the hits and headlines of 2017. 23mins

Thursday, 6th Jun 2.35am

19. 2016

A look back at the hits and headlines of 2016. 23mins

Thursday, 6th Jun 2.30am

18. 2015

An examination of the top news and entertainment events of 2015 set to music. 24mins

Thursday, 6th Jun 2.25am