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5. Memoirs of a Fighting Man


A decorated war hero shoots an intruder. Rosie worries that Bernie is concealing financial troubles at the garage. Carol deals with a teenage pregnancy.

Thursday, 16th May 7.55pm

21. One Small Step

Lives are in danger when the station comes under siege. The locals gather at the pub to watch the moon landing, and Peggy tries to prove that it is all a... 46mins

Wednesday, 12th Jun 7.55pm

20. The Medium is the Message

A vicar's wife is murdered and a psychic offers to assist the police. Younger comes to terms with his father's illness and... 46mins

Tuesday, 11th Jun 7.55pm

19. Mind Games

When Rosie finds a dead body and is attacked, Walker and Rachel's investigation leads them to a sinister local cult. Peggy does her best to sell a batch of... 45mins

Monday, 10th Jun 7.55pm

18. The Dreams That You Dream

The big day finally arrives and Aidensfield holds its breath as Gina and Bellamy get set to marry, but will the day pass... 46mins

Thursday, 6th Jun 7.55pm

17. Out of Africa

Lord Ashfordly's new estate manager is raising hackles with his hardline methods. David starts collecting Green Shield stamps and soon has more than he can... 46mins

Wednesday, 5th Jun 7.55pm