Curious about the new Olaplex treatment for hair?

27th Apr 16 | Xpose Magazine

XPOSÉ Magazine’s Aisling Keenan reveals her lust list, beauty sins and insider tips, for your eyes only…


I could not wait to try Olaplex. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s an in-salon treatment that prevents breakage, and it’s particularly effective on coloured hair like mine. You can get it done during a colour treatment or separately, and it lasts until you put more colour in your hair. I had heard so many hair stylists raving about it, so I booked in to Hession in Clontarf to get it done (I love it there, last time I went I got so many compliments on my colour!). Since then, my hair has been coming out less when I brush it, it’s looked visibly healthier and I’ve gotten compliments on how much thicker it looks. I’m an Olaplex convert for sure. See



I’m a regular manicure kinda gal. Not because I’m high maintenance (I am, but that’s not the reason I get them), but because I’m ultimately very lazy. Once a week I will get a file and paint somewhere just to keep my talons in tip-top shape. Lately, Sugar Dolls in the Pavilions, Swords, has been my place of choice but when I do manicure my nails at home, I invariably need them to dry quickly so I can leave/get dressed. So when Isadora’s new Quick Dry Dropper for nails, €9.95, landed on my desk, that little ‘praise the Lord’ raised hands emoji flashed before my eyes. I’ve been using it ever since and it is brilliant.


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