The FIRST Love Island wedding happened this morning and it was totally CRINGEY

14th Feb 18 | Weddings

Well this was so awkward

Its Valentine’s Day so we’re expecting to see a few cringey things but doubt anything will top this.

If you followed last year’s Love Island you might remember Jess and Dom.

Well after putting the Muggy Mike did she didn’t she fiasco behind them, Jess and Dom are still going strong.

So strong in fact, they got married on Good Morning Britain this morning- in swimwear.

If that wasn’t awkward enough, wait until you hear Jess’s vows: “I, Jessica Shears, take you Dominic Lever, to be my h ‘I will not pie you off, even if Muggy Mike comes along. ‘In the presence of TV’s Richard Arnold, I make this vow.”



You might think it was just a publicity stunt (no doubt it was) but there was at least a fair effort made to make it sort of legit.

According to The, GMB regular Richard Arnold was ordained ahead of the ceremony.

But they also suggest the GMB studios aren’t a sanctioned wedding venue meaning the wedding isn’t legally binding.

Still, it's good enough for us!