Bride left FURIOUS after bridesmaid does the UNTHINKABLE 8 months before wedding

6th Feb 18 | Weddings

Are you going to be a bridesmaid this year? DON'T do this!!

It's 2018 and fair to say that with social media being a huge part of our lives, keeping things a secret can be next to impossible. However, there are traditional elements that should just be kept private. No one informed THIS bridesmaid though...

An excited bride took her bridesmaid out wedding dress shopping - only for her leading lady to betray her in the run-up to her nuptials by sharing a snap of the bride's wedding dress on social media!

In an anonymous post on Mamma Mia, the devastated bride explained:

"So last weekend after much stress and anticipation, I finally found my dream dress while at a bridal boutique.

I was ecstatic and thrilled that I’d finally found my gown. I took my bridal party out for lunch afterwards to celebrate and we had a really lovely afternoon together. But then when I got home I got a phone call from my bridesmaid Sandra that left me shaking and in tears…

Sandra informed me that another bridesmaid, Tanya, who is a close friend of mine from school, had shared a picture of me in the wedding dress I purchased on her Instagram account.I have social media, but I don’t use it or check it often."

Upset that her friends and family would see the image before the big day, she asked her bridesmaid to take down the image. However, she refused!

She said:

"I asked her politely to please delete the picture and explained that I wasn’t comfortable with it being on the internet.

It didn’t sit well with me and I wanted it gone."

The upset bride now has a dilemma on her hands - should she buy a new dress or keep the one that has been shared online?