THIS is how much Irish couples spend on average on their wedding day

31st Jan 18 | News

How much would you spend on the big day?

Whether you are planning a small, intimate wedding, or you’re going all out for the big day, we all know weddings can be very expensive.

No matter how carefully you budget, there’s just no denying that some details that go into creating a wedding can cost an absolute fortune.

From the venue to the dress, entertainment and photographers, all the items add up- but how much do you reckon the average Irish couple fork out for their big day?

Well according to, Irish couples are spending on average €26,015 on their wedding.

The survey also revealed where the money was being spent, with approximately €12,413 on average being spent on the venue.

The photographer on average sets you back €1,597 with the videographer costing around €1,283.

A wedding band is one of the biggest expenses of the day coming in at €2,019.

Kitting the bridal party out for the day is also a huge expense, with approximately €1,787 being spent on a wedding dress, €726 on Bridesmaids dresses, €368 on makeup, €313 on hair, €504 on accessories and €1,068 on wedding suits.

Flowers are being estimated at costing €674 and the cake will set you back about €378.

The average spend on the big day is up 7% on last year’s figure and over 60% of couples admitted they struggled to stay within their budget.

13% of people who took part in the survey spent a whopping €5,000 over what they had initially planned to spend, 18% took out a loan to help pay for the big day and 22% got help off their parents.