Guest is left OUTRAGED at bride and groom's 'tacky' request

29th Jan 18 | Weddings

Do you think it was out of order?

A wedding guest has taken to Mumsnet to share her anger over a bride and groom's "tacky" poem to request financial gifts – despite the fact she was only invited to the evening event.

Taking to the online forum, the woman explained:

“We have been invited to a wedding. Evening invite only. The invitation included a tacky poem asking for cash gifts. (Guests invited to the whole day didn't get a poem).

The bottom line is, we can't really afford to give cash. Generally I'd put my feelings about this type of request aside and give what was asked for but I think the very small amount we can afford to give will look mean.

My alternatives are to give a cheap but nice gift, or donate to the charity that I know is close to the family's heart.

I don't want to give a wrapped present if we will be the only ones who do so, not sure how they will feel about a donation to charity. WWYD (What would you do?)”

Mumsnet users replied:

What would you do?