Wicklow coupleís wedding almost CANCELLED after bizarre row with priest

6th Oct 18 | Weddings

This is a controversial one…

A couple from county Wicklow almost had their wedding called off after a major last minute disagreement with the priest about decorations.

Speaking to Joe Duffy on Thursday’s Liveline the couple’s wedding planner Edel Cooney explained that just as the guests were arriving for the 1pm ceremony last Saturday, the priest demanded all the decorations (which included wedding lanterns, bows and artificial cherry blossom trees) be removed.

Edel confirmed she had worked in the same church three times previously and never had a problem before.

Edel told Joe that when the priest saw the decorations he was pointing and shouting and saying that “it was like a fashion show” and it was a “health and safety issue”.

He then refused to perform the wedding until the decorations were removed.



Despite spending a lot of money and 2 years planning the wedding and not receiving any notice from the church that there would be a problem with the decorations, a compromise could not be made between Edel and the priest.

All the decorations except the cherry blossom trees had to be removed before the priest would perform the ceremony.

The bride had to be told there was a crash on the motorway to divert and distract her while the changes were made inside the church and the guests were asked to go to a nearby coffee shop, postponing the wedding by an hour.

The bride and groom also phoned into the show and the groom Dave explained the priest met him as soon as her entered the church and refused to perform the wedding until something was done about the decorations.

Meanwhile the bride Jennie claimed the only instruction they received from the church was not to put blu tac or thumbtacks on the pews and was disappointed to see the decorations removed from the church.

Despite the row, the couple confirmed the priest performed a lovely ceremony in the end.