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WATCH: Woman releases ASTONISHING footage of a 'haunted' antique potato masher

9th Nov 18 | Real Life

Jennifer Bauer believes her home to be a "hotbed of paranormal activity."

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A woman who believes her home is a “hotbed of paranormal activity” has released astonishing video footage of a  haunted antique potato masher, passed down to her by her grandmother.

Since moving into her 1920s house in Eastpointe, Michigan, USA, five years ago, Jennifer Bauer, 43,  has often heard spooky noises.

During this latest unexplained incident in October 2018, she was  photographing items she wanted to sell  in her basement when she heard an odd whispering sound – before seeing the old-fashioned potato masher, which had been in storage for years, begin moving of its own accord.


Capturing the whole bizarre happening on film, Jennifer, who is not currently working, recalled: “I was planning to sell a few items at a flea market, so was down in the basement photographing things.

“I was taking a picture of an old Monopoly set, when I heard what sounded like a man whispering in the room next door. I went to investigate, but it was empty – I was home alone.

“Then, the potato masher, which was an antique my grandmother handed down to my mother and then myself, began to move on its own.”

Jennifer (PA Real Life/Collect)

She added: “I grabbed my camera and started filming, but didn’t watch my video back until a few days later. When I did, I could hear an odd whispering in the background. I can’t explain it at all.”

No stranger to the supernatural, Jennifer, who lives with her boyfriend Christopher, 42, first started hearing eerie noises like footsteps at a previous address.

“If I went to check, there’d be nobody there and they’d stop,” she said. “It wasn’t just me, my family heard them too, and my friends. “It wasn’t an old house – it’d only been there about 10 years – but I thought it was probably haunted. I was never really scared, but my friends were, especially if they were staying the night.”

Jennifer’s basement, where the incident occured (PA Real Life/Collect)

Then, after a lull of several years without any ghostly happenings, when she moved into her current home, the spooky activity started up again.

She continued: “When we first moved in, a lot of the rooms were totally empty. We’d be sitting watching TV and hear banging above us, like someone walking around.

“As soon as we filled the rooms with furniture, the noises stopped. Christopher was very sceptical at first, but our friends who have come over have heard things too.”

Jennifer has captured the latest spooky incident on video (PA Real Life/Collect)

On top of the mysterious footsteps, Jennifer said she often hears whispers, usually in a man’s voice, but occasionally in a woman’s too.

Again, her friends have witnessed the creepy conversations.

She continued: “Once, I had a friends over when we thought we heard someone arguing outside, but when we went out, nobody was there.”


Adding: “Another time, my friend could hear a racket in the back garden, which he said sounded like a dinner party – but it was 2am, of course nobody was there.

“We don’t have neighbours either side so we know it can’t be that. The whispering is definitely coming from inside the house.”

As the whispers are not always in the same voice,  though, Jennifer said she cannot work out if it is a spirit and, if so, why they are there.

The potato masher (PA Real Life/Collect)

To make matters more confusing, she has not yet been able to decipher what they say.

“The house has been standing since the 1920s, but we don’t know of anything in its history that would explain this,” she said. “It sounds ridiculous, but we also sometimes see a grey mist about the place.

“Overall, I don’t feel scared – although I don’t like the whispers. Several of my friends, and even Christopher, have said they’ve heard them too.”

Jennifer’s basement, where the incident occurred (PA Real Life/Collect)

After the latest incident with the “haunted” potato masher, which Jennifer had unpacked, planning to sell it, when she finally watched the footage back, she was astonished  to hear odd noises – which she said sounded like more whispering, as well as running water.

“Christopher asked if there was any way I was making the sound, but if you watch the video, I’m standing very still,” she said. “Since filming it, I’ve watched it over and over and notice something new every time.”

Since the unexplained incident,she has held on to the masher – concerned about selling it to someone else, because of its spooky behaviour

Jennifer said she has often heard unexplained noises in her home (PA Real Life/Collect)

She concluded: “I haven’t seen it do anything since. It’s not particularly valuable, but now it’s going absolutely crazy and I simply can’t explain it.”

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