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24th May 17 | Family

Kathy from Bump, Baby and Me gives us her tips on weaning and fussy eating habits

So time is ticking along pretty quickly and since starting my maternity leave I’m really enjoying spending quality time with Ayla. 

Every single day she surprises me with the phrases she’s picked up and just watching her physical capabilities maturing is so amazing.

Things that I would have helped her with a little while ago are now really easy for her.

I can only imagine when this baby comes along how big she will seem!

Something else that is changing a little (but I hope not too much!) is her eating habits!

She used to eat and eat and eat whatever we put in front of her, no questions asked. Now however, she is definitelly getting fussier with what she likes and doesn’t like. This is obviously a normal transition for a toddler her age and I’m not going to get stressed over it.  She loves fruit and raw vegetables like tomatoes cucumber, peppers etc but sometimes struggles to eat cooked vegetables.  With regards to meat, she’s not too bad. Chicken, fish and steak are her favourites! She always wants to try what myself and Steve are eating but if I gave her her own plate of it, she wouldn’t necessarily eat it, so ‘Have some of Mama’s or Dada’s dinner’ usually does the trick!

Like most children her age she likes little snacks like rice cakes and oat bars. I generally have a few Organix products in my press for her. She likes oatcakes and corn cakes too, so all in all her snacking habits aren’t too bad.

Recently I purchased a Magimix Food Processor from Juicers.ie  and I’ve been making lots of homemade snacks. Ayla’s not the only one who is happy with this... Steve loves when there are protein bars in the fridge or a pecan chocolate bread is just fresh out of the oven! It’s nice to know exactly whats going into the treats we’re eating and I love spending a little bit of time cooking or baking when I can. Ayla is now pulling her chair over and giving me a helping hand which is lovley too!

This powerful processor is a good all rounder, so when Baby Number Two comes along and is ready to start solids it’ll come in so handy for blending and making puree’s.

Speaking of  weaning and fussy eating habits , the team over at Mummycooks sent me over some tips to share with you on how to establish a happy eating routine with your baby and how to prevent too many fussy periods.

Siobhan Berry founder of Mummycooks says:

There is strong research to suggest that if you give your baby the right variety of foods and texture from six months they will go on to be a healthy happy eater and enjoy family meal times. This is also true of delaying weaning beyond six months. Research shows that if you delay introducing texture like meat, grains or fish until after six months it will be harder for your baby to accept.

Our advice at Mummy Cooks and from our experience through our classes is that starting say two weeks before your baby turns six months is the best approach. This way you can start with nice runny purees and build up their meals to three a day by the age of six months.

So that at six months of age your baby is accepting:

-          Meat; introduce meats like chicken, beef and lamb. You can include in their food at stage by blending the meal. Meat is also perfect as a finger food. Offer a thin slice of meat and place in their hand and they will do the rest.

-          Grains; for a Baby led weaning or finger food, offer large pasta shapes such as Fussli pasta with your baby’s puree. Alternatively you can offer small pasta shapes but never blend pasta as it is startchy and will turn to glue-like consistency!

-          Finger food; finger food is not only for followers of BLW; all babies should be offered finger foods from six months. They may not grasp the concent until seven months but this is the perfect time to introduce.

-          Beaker of water; fresh tap water is perfect. At this stage we are not offering it so that baby will drink it up - it is there so that they can learn to use a beaker later on. *remember you don’t need to boil tap water for your baby this is only for making up formula bottles.

-          Spoon; offer your baby a spoon so that again they learn from an early age to try to feed themselves.

I would also be very keen on baby getting a little more control at meal times. We have all heard about Baby Led Weaning where Mums only offer finger foods to their baby. In this case the baby has complete control over their meal. This can also be achieved through puree and finger foods combined. Here are some tips on giving control to your baby.

When you offer your baby pureed food, place some of the food in a bowl (preferably a suction bowl!) and allow them to place their hand or spoon into the bowl. You then have most of the food in a bowl and can offer spoon fulls in between them feeding themselves. Note they are not aware that you are feeding them and are enjoying the experience.

Prepare Dips and Dippers for your baby to enjoy. So just like BLW you would offer dips such as a puree or the likes of hummus and then a dipper usualy a vegetable or fruit.

Again include a beaker and a spoon so your baby really enjoys the experience – it’s almost like a party for them!

Never wipe or clean your baby as they eat their food. Leave all cleaning until the end no matter how much you want to!

For more advice and recipes on feeding your baby check out our website www.mummycooks.com

Lots of parents wonder what approach to take when they feel it’s time for their baby to move onto solids so hopefully Siobhan’s advice will help out there. Mummycooks has some really easy to follow recipes and they also stock weaning sets, food labels and flasks, so it’s pretty easy to get fully prepared for the next chapter of your babys food journey!

Thanks as always for reading & if you’d like to keep up to date with all the Bump Baby and Me happenings just like my Facebook page & feel free to get in touch,

Kathy x

Kathy is passionate about all things surrounding birth, babies and parenthood. She also has a big interest in wellness, health & fitness.

She runs ‘Bump, Baby and Me’ – providing Pre & Postnatal classes & workshops & Doula services in Malahide, Co. Dublin and LOVES working with mums, dads & babies. She is the proud mummy to a beautiful little girl, Ayla, and is expecting Baby No.2 this summer.