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21st Mar 17 | Family

Kathy from Bump Baby and Me chats about how having an active toddler impacts your choice of activities.

We're going to the zoo!

Having a toddler has really opened up the world of activities for us. We are so lucky to have lots of amenities so close to home and Dublin Zoo is one of our favourites!

My sister-in-law gave us the fantastic gift of an Annual Zoo Pass at Christmas so we have been taking full advantage of it! Ayla loves running around and chatting to all the animals.

Conversations in the car beforehand and afterwards are always so animated. Seeing her all excited is just brilliant! A trip to the zoo wears her out too, so she’s always in need of a good nap afterwards – it’s a win-win situation!

Ayla, as I’ve mentioned many times before, has quite the appetite… I’m convinced she’d eat non-stop if she could! So anywhere we go, we need to be fully stocked with healthy snacks!

Mopsy and Lil’s yumbox have made this very simple for us. Their six-compartment leak-proof lunchbox is perfect for bringing along a yummy toddler picnic – you can even pour your favourite yoghurt or dips straight into it. 

Ayla loves when she opens it up and see’s the variety of food & colours inside. The Yumbox also saves me using and having to dispose of ziplock bags, clingfilm or tinfoil, so it’s an eco-friendly option too.

Mopsy and Lils stock a four-compartment Yumbox that is perfect for older children or even mums and dads, so they have everyone’s packed lunches covered!

Enjoying time together as a family, especially on the weekends, is always the highlight of the week for Steve and myself. I’ve noticed since starting my ‘Five Minute Journal’ how much more appreciative I am of all the little things in life. I’m a number of months into this practice and I’m proud to say I rarely miss a day of journaling, and rightly so, as it takes just five minutes!

Earlier this year I began my Cuidiú Breastfeeding Counsellor Training. We’ve only had a few sessions so far but already I know it’s going to be a really beneficial training, on both a personal and professional level. The other women taking the course are lovely as are the tutors.

One really interesting thing to share with mums who are due their baby soon is, when your baby is born, his/her stomach is just the size of a marble. Take time to visualize that.

A new mum can get panicked in those first few hours after birth that their baby isn’t getting enough milk but when we see it in a visual sense it can really help us understand their requirements better. If you choose to feed your baby formula, this is also beneficial too.

Ayla is 20 months now. Only a few more months until we can officially get into years instead of months when talking about her age!

Her little personality is very much coming out now and it’s amazing to see. Her emotions and how she expresses herself are changing all the time. ‘No’ is a favourite word at the moment, even when she means yes! She’s testing the waters a little, as is normal at this stage, so how Steve and I react is pretty important.

Only last week I let ‘oh, Jesus Christ’ escape out of my mouth when we both nearly took a spill at home. Since then, her imitation of the phrase has been muttered at various times.

Not laughing at her impromptu outbursts is hard sometimes, but I’m just changing it to ‘Jeepers’ and then she repeats that.  Lucky for me (and note to self!) it wasn’t something a bit worse that came out of my mouth!

Another thing we’ve noticed is she’s a little more clingy than usual. ‘Up Mama/Dada’ when we’re cooking a meal or trying to get a few bits organised in the house is what’s happening at the moment. It’s great to be getting lots of cuddles from her but with my ever growing belly and a pelvis that’s under a little bit of strain it can be a little hard going at times.

A kiss and cuddle and actually showing her what I’m doing, rather than telling her why I can’t lift her, seems to work best at the moment.

Being able to chat with her while I’m doing things around the house is fantastic - she’s my little buddy and a great little helper too. Let’s hope that remains the same when No. 2 makes his/her appearance in a few months’ time.

What I’m really going to try and keep in mind is, although Ayla will be a big sister, she’ll still very much be a baby in lots of ways. She’ll be figuring out how to deal with the intrusion of a little squish and we’ll be figuring out how to make it as smooth as possible for her and us. We are pretty relaxed about it all so far, so fingers crossed we can remain that way. One thing is for sure – fun (and busy!) times lie ahead.

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Kathy x

Kathy is passionate about all things surrounding birth, babies and parenthood. She also has a big interest in wellness, health & fitness.

She runs ‘Bump, Baby and Me’ – providing pre and postnatal classes, workshops and doula services in Malahide, Co Dublin, and LOVES working with mums, dads and babies. She is the proud mummy to her little girl Ayla, and is expecting her second baby in June 2017.