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14th Feb 17 | Family

Hello February (& adiós January!) It feels good to be well into the second month of the year, doesn’t it?

Hello February (& adiós January!)

It feels good to be well into the second month of the year, doesn’t it?

Spring is officially upon us, although I’m not long back in after a walk with Ayla and the circulation is just about returning to my fingers. Winter obviously hasn’t got the memo that Spring is taking over!

Regardless of the cold weather, it was great to see so many people out and about all bundled up, not giving into the gusts and threatening hail showers.  Kids were running about in the park, completely oblivious of what nature was throwing at them and their parents clutched hot coffee cups, trying in vain to do the same!

As I’ve recently found out, keeping toddlers entertained when the weather isn’t great can be tough going. After a few hours indoors you and your toddler can easily be on the verge of cabin fever, so it’s a good idea to get out in the fresh air.

The days I don’t get out are the days I find myself a little bit short-tempered. That rectifies itself pretty quickly once I start walking and start breathing that fresh air nice and deeply.  Ayla is always happier after a run around or a play in the playground too.

Most of us feel better when we are out in the open. Fresh air really does do wonders for our mental state and those niggly little things that we let occupy our headspace at home dissolve pretty quickly once outside.

I’m now over half way through my second pregnancy and another thing that’s a great mood lifter is that I’m back exercising in my husband's gym, PTI.

Exercising results in a lovely endorphin spike and the fact that I’m gifting myself some ‘me-time’ makes me happy, as does the the fact that I’m strengthening my body for Baby No. 2 and my recovery afterwards. Quite a few women in the gym have just had their babies and there are another few pregnant now so I’m in very good company! It’s fantastic to see them keeping strong- moving their body and bumps in a safe controlled way.

As February is the month of love I’ll be making sure to show myself some self-love! I am due another Osteo/craniosacral therapy session with the girls in Haven Therapies and I also have a gift voucher for a Pregnancy Massage, so I plan to get both of these done over the coming weeks.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I’m definitely feeling the effects of my pregnancy more this time round, which is pretty common, but I’m determined to be proactive in helping myself, rather than accepting it as the ‘norm’.

Our pregnant society and many people involved in its care have become too fond in using the term ‘that’s normal’ in relation to complaints about pelvic pain, sciatica, pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain etc. In my classes I speak about how it is ‘common’ to experience these complaints; however, it is not something to be accepted as the ‘norm’.

There are so many things you can do to help yourself, and really that is the key thing here. YOU have to take responsibility for your body and take the first steps in getting some treatment.

Many mums-to-be find they get great relief from a few sessions with a qualified body therapist such as an Osteopath, Craniosacral therapist, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Reflexologist, Manual Body Worker… the list goes on.

What I would say is try and get a recommendation and go to someone who is experienced in dealing with pre/postnatal women's health. Most maternity hospitals provide a Physiotherapy service but these services can be quite busy, so in the event that you are waiting a while for an appointment there are plenty of private clinics nationwide that you can get started with.

Money can obviously be an issue and we all are trying to cut back a little, but your health and wellbeing during pregnancy is something you should really invest in, as the results will no doubt benefit not only you, but also your baby and the rest of the family too (you know the saying… ‘Happy mum, happy family’!).   

A few weeks back, Steve and myself had our ‘big’ scan.

Just like Ayla’s had been, it was pretty magical.  The detail they go into is amazing. Thankfully all seemed good and baby No. 2 is happy out in there. Position wise he/she is ‘head down’, which at that stage is pretty irrelevant, but to me it’s interesting, as Ayla never got into that position, as far as we know. From very early on she was ‘bum down’ and remained that way until birth, regardless of my many efforts to turn her!

The sonographer asked us would we like to find out if we were having a little boy or girl and for a split second we waivered on the decision, but we both agreed that no, we’ll wait for our surprise at the end! So many couples choose to find out and I can see more on this pregnancy why. For us though, we are happy to know that all is well with our little baby and the rest we will find out on a later date yet to be decided by him or her!

To all you mums, dads and parents-to-be out there, until next time, I wish you all the best.

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Until then, happy parenting!

Kathy x

Kathy is passionate about all things surrounding birth, babies and parenthood. She also has a big interest in wellness, health and fitness.

She runs ‘Bump, Baby and Me’ – providing pre and postnatal classes, workshops and Doula services in Malahide, Co. Dublin and LOVES working with mums, dads & babies. She is the proud mummy to a beautiful little girl, Ayla, and is expecting Baby No. 2 this summer.