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4th Jan 17 | Family

Kathy from Bump Baby and Me reflects on 2016 but has good reason to look forward to 2017!

Kathy from Bump Baby and Me reflects on 2016 but has good reason to look forward to 2017!




So it’s been a little while since I’ve sat down to write about what’s been going on!

I’ve settled back in to my job in the maternity hospital but with balancing that and doing my classes, spending time with family and looking after Ayla my writing took a little bit of a back seat.  I’m glad to be getting some time now to sit down and write (Ayla’s napping, Steve’s doing some work, dinner is prepped and the 2 crazy Bengals are settled in for a sleep on the couch!)

It’s the early days of 2017 now and I’m still in one way getting my head around the fact we are indeed into January. It’s a refreshing thought though. I like the feeing of newness; new beginnings, new possibilities, a full year of diary and calendar space to fill up with, hopefully, lots of positive things.

As much as I like to look forward I feel it’s good to reflect backwards for the right reasons.

In the latter part of 2016 my brother and sister in law welcomed their first baby into the world; a gorgeous baby girl.

I adjusted to working-mum life.

I gently and naturally finished up my breastfeeding journey with Ayla. I just followed her lead on it but it was well timed, as I was ready as much as she was. We had 16 great months of feeding snuggles.

In December we really enjoyed the run up to Christmas, especially as my sister and her family were home from Australia and preparing for their 1st Irish Christmas in 16 years!

My brother in law has his own blog about the this huge transition and you can read more about the journey here: http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/abroad/i-had-no-words-to-say-goodbye-to-my-best-friend-in-sydney-1.2899964

 2016 had its rough moments too. The darkest being half way through the year when we realized my mum was very sick and cancer took her from us in just a number of weeks. Having already lost my Dad just two and a half years previously this was a massive blow. To be alone, without my parents, at a relatively young age was something I hadn’t planned for, but who does. I know I’m not alone in this experience and so many people are grieving for loved ones every day.

This is life- it comes in all shapes and sizes and all sorts of different things get thrown at us, most of the time without warning.  How we choose to deal with it plays a big part in how we move on.  


But as I said, looking forward is key, and thankfully we have lots to be grateful for.

2017 will hopefully see the safe arrival of Baby Weinmann No.2 in the summer!

I am so excited to give Ayla a little brother or sister and add to our little family.

I really felt the early stages of pregnancy this time. The nausea and sickness hit me hard, but only for a few weeks. My back has started to get a little achy already too. I’m sure the effects are felt all the more because I’m running around after a mad little one and a half year old! I’ve also a lot less time to get up to PTI  www.performancetherapy.ie  to make sure I’m keeping myself strong. Training really helped me in my first pregnancy so I’ll need to get back to it soon as I don’t want to start feeling any negative effects of the pregnancy sooner than I need to.

I have a feeling 2017 is going to be a busy year, full of change for Steve and myself. Hopefully lots of interesting things are coming our way but before we get our teeth stuck into all that we are taking a few days away to enjoy some family time with my sister and her family.

We have rented a house in Westport, Co. Mayo called The Red Door http://www.reddoorwestport.com/384894056  

We wanted somewhere that was big enough for us all, was near to a town but not in the town itself and had a cosy home away from home feel to it. This place looks like it ticks all those boxes. I’m excited to get there and enjoy catching up with family, playing board games, eating good food, taking long walks in Westport’s gorgeous surrounds and I plan to make sure my batteries are nicely recharged as I go  full steam ahead(with some nice long breaths along the way!) into 2017.

Wishing you all a very happy 2017, I hope it’s a productive, peaceful, healthy and happy one for you all.

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Until then, happy parenting!





Kathy is passionate about all things surrounding birth, babies and parenthood. She also has a big interest in wellness, health & fitness.

She runs ‘Bump, Baby and Me’ – providing Pre & Postnatal classes & workshops & Doula services in Malahide, Co. Dublin and LOVES working with mums, dads & babies. She is the proud mummy to her little girl Ayla, and is expecting her 2nd baby in June 2017 .