[PIC] This GORGEOUS coat from Penneys will add a pop of colour to your wardrobe

22nd Nov 18 | News

And at €25 it’s a complete bargain!

We’re well into winter now and shops are awash with new season stock but one problem a lot of us find at this time of year is we end up wearing a lot of dark colours.

But if your wardrobe is as dull as the weather then look no further!

This gorgeous hot pink coat from Penneys will brighten up even the darkest wardrobe as well as keeping you super snug.

The fab colour will also ensure you can wear this coat right through Spring so if pink is your thing it’s definitely worth picking up!

And of course as always with Penneys, it’s a complete bargain coming in at just €25!

At that price it’s bound to fly off the shelves!