DANGEROUS levels of arsenic found in SEVEN baby rice products

22nd Oct 18 | News

Parents are being urged to STOP feeding their infants rice products!

'Dangerous' levels of arsenic have been found in seven baby rice products sold in top supermarket chains.

The latest episode of Channel 4's Food Unwrapped made the shock arsenic discovery after testing 26 baby rice food products and discovering that seven popular brands break EU safety rules.

However, even more worryingly for parents and consumers, the programme failed to identify the 'dangerous' brands in question!

A Food Standards Agency spokesperson said:

“Arsenic is naturally occurring in the environment and it is not possible to totally eliminate it from the diet. But because it has the potential to increase the risk of illnesses, including cancer, it is important to reduce exposure to as low as reasonably achievable.

Maximum legal levels are in place for arsenic in rice, with stricter levels for rice used in the production of foods for infants and young children. It is the responsibility of food manufacturers to ensure they use ingredients in compliance with the legislation.

Where non-compliance is found, enforcement officers will investigate and take action as needed."