The top 10 most POPULAR baby names in Ireland have been revealed by the CSO

19th Oct 18 | News

You’ll recognise more than a few of these...

We’ll happily admit we’re obsessed with baby names here in Xpose HQ so when we saw the most popular baby names of the year so far had been revealed by the CSO, we were only dying to see what had topped the list.

Apart from a small slip down the ranks in 2016, Jack has been the number one boys' name since 2007. For the seventh year in a row, Emily was the most commonly registered girls' name in Ireland last year - madness!

Top ten girls’ names:

1.       Emily

2.       Emma

3.       Amelia

4.       Grace

5.       Sophie

6.       Lucy

7.       Hannah

8.       Mia

9.       Ava

10.     Chloe

Top 10 boys’ names:

1.       Jack

2.       James

3.       Daniel

4.       Conor

5.       Sean

6.       Noah

7.       Luke

8.       Harry

9.       Adam

10.     Michael