Pest control worker describes HORRIFYING incident with pack of rats

18th Oct 18 | News

A pest control worker has spoken about a horrifying incident where a pack of rats attacked a cat and devoured it.

John Magee, who works with Rentokil, was working at a site in Dublin which had a bad infestation of the rodents when he witnessed the incident.

He told Newstalk’s Henry McKean: “The poor cat was just walking by there and I knew there was a population of rats on site.”

“I was doing a survey to get ready to put control over the situation and I noticed the amount of rats was so vast, they had taken a small kitten basically and dragged it into the ditch and that was the end of the cat.”

Pretty grim…

There has been a major increase in the number of the rodents around the city recently with Dublin City Council saying the rise was down to a number of factors including the unusually hot summer, an increase in building works and increase in fast food outlets.

Back in the Summer, residents on Dublin’s Queen Street spoke about the horrific conditions they were living in due to a major rat infestation.

Residents even resorted to putting out cages overnight to catch the rodents but claimed they were reproducing as quickly as they were getting rid of them.