Mum URGES parents to check their babies' feet after TERRIFYING discovery

18th Oct 18 | News

A mum is warning other parents to check their babies’ feet after a single strand of hair almost cost her 10 week old son four toes.

The British mother couldn't figure out why her infant son wouldn't stop screaming or take his bottle one morning last month. She was left in shock the moment when she found a single strand of her hair painfully cutting off the circulation on four of her infant son's toes.

The condition is called a hair tourniquet, and can happen very easily to little ones. It was cutting off the circulation for about 12 to 14 hours and leaving his tiny toes red and swollen.

Alex, from Paignton, Devon, said:

"I’ll certainly be checking everything for hair from now on. I felt awful.

I just can’t believe midwives or doctors don’t warn you of the risk when you have a baby.

I feared Ezra might lose some of his toes and he could easily have needed [to have them removed] if I hadn’t noticed the hair then."