HSE issues URGENT public warning as highly contagious illness outbreak is confirmed

17th Oct 18 | News

Be VERY careful!

The HSE has warned of an outbreak of mumps in the West of Ireland, and are urging the public to check that they are vaccinated against the viral illness.

Mumps is spread between people by coughing and sneezing and can be transmitted through direct contact with saliva. 

In the last few weeks, over 45 people have been diagnosed. Those affected have been aged between 15 and 29 years of age.

Symptoms include fever, headache and painful swollen salivary glands.

In a statement, the HSE said:

"Immunisation with MMR vaccine is the best protection. Being up to date with two doses of MMR vaccine is recommended. If people have not had (or are not absolutely certain if they have had) two doses of MMR vaccine they should be vaccinated.

Having an extra dose of MMR vaccine will not do any harm. Checking for immunity would cause a delay and is therefore not recommended. It can take up to 28 days before people will be protected by the MMR vaccine."

Anyone who has been infected is urged to stay away from school, college or work for five days after symptoms have developed. 

Ireland AM's resident GP Doctor Sinead Beirne was in studio this morning to share her advice on how to protect yourself and your children from mumps.