Weight Watchers announces it is CHANGING its name

25th Sep 18 | News

Diet company Weight Watchers has decided to change it's moniker - but you will be pleased to know that it's nothing too radical!

The firm has adopted its new name this week: WW.

The change comes after they announced it is slimming down its name to WW in response to changing attitudes - with the company hoping to reflect its focus on overall health and wellness, and not just shedding pounds.

According to a statment issued by the long-running firm, the shortened (WW) name will run alongside the catchphrase: “Wellness that Works.” 

The company's head of social media, Lauren Salazar, said:

"We've made the decision to lose the expression 'before and after' because our members' journeys are so much more about then than now.

A journey of health, with no beginning, middle or end."