WATCH: This Hurricane Florence weather report took a TERRIFYING turn

14th Sep 18 | News

The video has gone viral! 

A U.S. weather report on what the effects of Hurricane Florence might look like has gone viral for it's dramatic use of a green screen.

Giving a terrifying visual of the storm's potential, the weather presenter is 'submerged' she attempted to portray the capability of the Category 1 storm.

She states:

"When the storm surge reaches - this could be about to knock you off my feet and could be enough to float a parked car. This is extremely dangerous.

Once we get up to that six foot this water's over my head, I wouldn't be able to withstand the force of the water coming in

But once we get to the nine foot range that's when we get into a life-threatening scenario. Extremely dangerous and life-threatening.

If you're told to go, then go," 

Since it was uploaded to Twitter yesterday, the video has been viewed well over three million times - with many viewers arguing that it was 'scaremongering' while others believed that it got the point across.