Storm Florence hits HURRICANE strength - and it's heading straight towards Ireland

10th Sep 18 | News

There are growing fears that it could be WORSE than Ophelia!

A state emergency has been declared on the East Coast of the United States, as Storm Florence increases to hurricane strength.

As the tropical storm grows more powerful over the next few days, there are fears that it could be as strong or stronger than Storm Ophelia - which battered the nation in October 2017.

The storm is currently moving towards the American east coast with winds of over 110 kmph recorded over the Atlantic basin. Hurricane experts are anticipating the storm to strike the United States tomorrow with “rapid intensification” beginning today.

 According to the Irish Sun, some weather forecasters have suggested that the storm could get picked up by a non-tropical storm or jet stream, carrying it north-eastward toward Ireland, Britain, Iceland or Western Europe later this week.

Early indications show that it could reasch Ireland next Saturday, bringing heavy rain and torrential winds.

Meanwhile, this morning Met Eireann gave an outlook of what the short-term weather has in store: