Amy Huberman issues URGENT warning to fans about scam linked to her

21st Aug 18 | News

Be VERY careful!

Actress Amy Huberman has taken to Twitter to urge fans to be wary of a new scam that has been linked to her.

The mum of two has stressed that she has no involvement with the "beauty cream" or "makeup," which is apparently called Dermavix.

Amy explained:

"Lads and lasses there’s a scam appearing online on sites linking me to an anti-aging ‘beauty cream’ and/or ‘makeup’, one called ‘Dermavix’???! It’s a complete scam and all articles relating to them fabricated so pls ignore! Have legals on it...

If they do pop up, if you could copy the link and DM them to me on Instagram (can’t here!) so we can go about ridding them we’d really appreciate it! Thanks a mill x

I think they were claiming you could get the skin of a toddler or some sort if you bought them. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for science then on that one"