A new alert system could make it IMPOSSIBLE to mitch school

20th Aug 18 | News

Did YOU ever mitch?

It looks like mitching is about to become a thing of the past as a new parental alert system could be implemented across schools in Ireland.

SchoolAlerts is a new app which allows schools to send parents a push notification through the likes of Facebook Messenger and Viber, instead of a text message. The free of charge app is designed to increase safety in schools without having to break the bank.

Brendan Cunningham from SchoolAlertsinformed the Irish examiner:

"Push notifications do not cost us, they do not cost the school either.

Instead of charging for individual alerts like SMS companies would, we charge a far smaller, annual flat fee for our service and schools can send each message for free during the school year.

Several of the schools we’ve engaged with were spending an average €1,000 a year on texts. Our flat fee (€299 per year inclusive of VAT) is a fraction of this,” Cunningham explained."

The system will automatically inform each individual parent of any potential issue - such as mitching, weather alerts, school updates etc.