Huge number of results withheld after students suspected of CHEATING in the Leaving Cert

17th Aug 18 | News

The State Examination Commission has said they have withheld the results of 80 students this year amid suspicions of cheating.

Their results are being “permanently withheld” from 43 of these students and it is still investigating the cases of a further 37 students whose results have not yet been handed out.

The commission declined to say what form of cheating may have occured, however sources say use of smartphones, production of identical papers and copying notes in the exam hall were among the most common issues this year.

An SEC spokeswoman said:

“This includes full results withheld, or marks withheld, from candidates found to be in breach of the SEC's examinations regulations.”

The combined 80 total for the 2018 Leaving Cert compares to the combined 72 total last year - an increase of 11% on 2017.