Parents issued URGENT health warning over children's toy craze

17th Jul 18 | News

The popular craze could be poisonous to children because of high and dangerous levels of chemicals.

Parents are being warned about potentially toxic and harmful levels of the chemical boron in slime toys popular with children.

Over the past year, the slime craze has been fuelled by YouTube videos and social media hashtags. However, a consumer organisation has raised concerns over the safety of some children’s slime products as an investigation revealed that many versions contain excessive levels of the potentially dangerous chemical.

Exposure of high levels of the element boron can cause skin inflammation, diarrhoea, vomiting, and even depression.

Consumer group Which? tested 11 popular children's slime products and found eight of them contained higher than recommended levels of boron. 

According to Sky News, Which? said that Toysmith Jupiter Juice had more than 4 times the permitted level of boron with 1400mg/kg.

This was followed by CCINEE Pink Fluffy Slime, which was found to contain 1000mg/kg, and Cosoro Dodolu Crystal Slime Magic Clay, which was found to contain 980mg/kg.

One product purchased on the online marketplace, Hulk Green Halloween Slime, met the standard.

Slime from high street retailers, The Works and Smyths, were also found to be safe.