The RSA has issued an URGENT warning to Irish motorists ahead of change in weather

10th Jul 18 | News

Irish motorists are being urged to take care ahead of hazardous conditions

The Road Safety Authority is urging Irish motorists to take care when the weather changes later in the week with the forecasted arrival of rain.

Drivers are being warned that treacherous conditions will be created when rainwater mixes with melted tar.

During the heatwave, many of Ireland’s roads have melted due to the extreme and prolonged period of heat.

When mixed with rainwater, the surface of roads could potentially become very greasy due to a build up of tar oil and rubber deposit and lead to dangerous conditions.

RSA CEO Moyagh Murdock said: “Obviously we’ve had a long period of dry weather, and there are reports of a build-up of tar and grease as result of the tar melting.”

“When that combines with rainwater then you’ll see a build up of a greasy film, and the road will become very unstable and a car can lose control even at low speeds.”

“They need to drop back on their speed, and be aware of changes in how they control their vehicle. They need to give themselves more stopping distance, give the car in front a lot more space, and just be aware that an unexpected reaction in your vehicle is something that can happen.”